FAQ for using colors in logs
This document tries to Explain how to post a log with colors:

First off all i have only tested the function in zMUD, should also work on other clients that can log to ANSI colors. Ill do the explaining here for zmud 5.55, should be similar for newer versions

There is two ways you can log a log with color in zmud, i will explain them both here.
1: Log to file with colors.
2: Paste directly to zMUD editor.

1: Click "View->Preferences->General" on the zmud menu.

Then select logging and check the "Log ANSI colors" checkbox.

Also click on Colors and ColorScheme and make sure scheme is set to VT100 (should be so by default)

Now click OK to close the window.
When you now go into battle you can click "File->New Log.." and have zMud log to a file as you play.

This file can be opened and edited in Notepad, wordpad, word, zmud editor and similar to be edited.

However as you can see, it might not be very easy to edit it in Notepad as it contains a lot of color codes. So this is where we start up our zMUD editor:
Press "CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER" on your keyboard, or "Window->Editor" on the menu to open up the editor.
Click "Options" and make sure you turn ON "ANSI Color" and OFF "RAW Mode":

Then click "Load" or "File->Open" and open up the file that you logged to. This file should now contain some colors:
NOTE Instead of opening up the file you could paste directly in from zMUD.

Now you can edit your log, might be a bit tricky at first, but you get used to it.
When you are done editing your log, you can save it to file again (just clicking save) will let the log keep its colors, or you can ignore saving it if you dont want to keep it.
Now, getting the log to the Deathlog page with the colors intact.
First, click "Options" and turn ON "Raw mode". And make sure "Ansi Color" also is ON.
(NOTE for some versions of zMUD i believe this to be RAW MODE=ON, ANSI COLOR=OFF, so try it out, make sure you see color CODES and not colors, after you paste in the log again)

Now Click "CTRL-A" or "Edit->Select All" then "CTRL-C" or "Edit->Copy" to copy the file to the clipboard
Click "CTRL-A" or "Edit->Select All" again, then the "DELETE" button on you keyboard.
Paste the log back in by pressing "CTRL-V" or "Edit->Paste"
The log should now be back in with color codes instead of colors.

Select all again by "CTRL-A" or "Edit->Select All". Then copy it to clipboard again by "CTRL-C" or "Edit->Copy".
Now log on to the deathlog page and paste it in there.

If you want to test a log before actually posting it you can test it here: [link]
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