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21.03.2006  jijiji  0.001338def
17.02.2005  Bimblenzag Death of Samurai or 'The sun rises in the east.'  Iberrakin 2.721798def
22.06.2004  Toreondor Some autocast overpower.  Savadi 0.701349def
22.06.2004  Toreondor Young Silvanus, seems to be unexpirienced and ragerous.  Selaam 0.661335def
21.06.2004  Iberrakin We almost killed him.  Orlein Kremor 2.801369def
21.06.2004  Tiron Thief vs young Sylvan Wardens  Selaam Niaraelf 2.801396def
26.05.2004  Gajei young vampire  Koen 0.701359def
25.05.2004  Lerios Let the battle begin! (looong runs.)  Ssinurn 1.191336def
25.05.2004  Lerios Power of pain web... and overpower of eye of beholder.  Ssinurn 1.361334def
22.05.2004  Bimblenzag How a little gnome kills an ugly orc  Protor 0.701230def
22.05.2004  Ssinurn How you must NOT reraid  Bimblenzag 3.321308def
08.05.2004  Lerios Castle Defence.  Tast 2.341174def
07.05.2004  Lerios Shieldbreake? NAH! Strike!  Irishionshis 0.701214def
05.05.2004  Lerios Knight's of the Order work.  Gabolo 0.701288def
05.05.2004  Derzsh Eilon Blood vs "Kolin"  Kolin 0.321322def
05.05.2004  Derzsh Why they leave forest?!  Kolin Dio 2.721314def
05.05.2004  Rerx You hear someone's death cry.  Senariolich 0.701274def
05.05.2004  Nikarre Reequiping yourself in combat is death.  Blokomonthos 0.701230def
26.04.2004  Mairy The Madness of the Mage  Liord 0.701276def
26.04.2004  Maar Whatta hell, I am speaking with a gnome!  Niara 0.701310def
26.04.2004  Laksharra An ambush  Lagavulin 0.701318def
25.04.2004  Tast Blood magic falls to true knowledge.  Jedaity 0.701284def
24.04.2004  Arali Order vs. Blood  Iberrakin 0.701279def
22.04.2004  Oldsenario They could.. they could! :)  Fatih Xiard Daekrist 11.221332olddef
22.04.2004  Fatih A small duel  Honglath 0.701249olddef
22.04.2004  Aistliin Bimblenzag Tower Defence  Kolin Graul Tarsil Hyras 5.601584 
22.04.2004  Welcome - By Admin  0.001216 
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