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05.03.2010  Cargo helping out deathdealer by killing talon  Talon 1.141165 
03.03.2010  Cargo Killing bser in the kitchen  Bser 1.401197 
01.03.2010  Horo THE REDEMPTION OF AN AZNBOI SCORNED  Fehlan 0.661147 
27.02.2010  Cow fuck cargo  Cargo 5.221264 
27.02.2010  Cow Omi fuck cargo and all his logs im going to start posting all my kills and he wont have shit  Cargoisfag 0.351155 
27.02.2010  Cargo Bser, Cow and Horo waiting for me near my shop, so i paid them a visit only. only got horo and bser, cow got away at 15%hp  Bser Horo 5.061286 
23.02.2010  Cow Talon in dragon elves  Talon 1.171112 
22.02.2010  Bser Cow Horo Cargo mugged near some old hags  Cargo 1.671154 
22.02.2010  Cow AXL DIES  Axl 0.601099 
04.02.2010  Cargo raping axl while he`s sleeping again  Axl 0.631122 
03.02.2010  Cow Fireblade in chaos  Fireblade 0.661152 
25.01.2010  Cargo axl dies in dragnok  Axl 0.661122 
25.01.2010  Cargo Mugging Talon in a back alley  Talon 1.221184 
24.01.2010  Cargo pwning the old dragon and his healers in the labby  Talon 1.271303 
26.12.2009  Cargo Me and Euterpe kill Fireblade  Fireblade 0.701148 
16.12.2009  Cargo vivi summons and dies  Master 0.631150 
13.12.2009  Cargo Twas out for a walk one day and master decided to stick something sharp in my back  Master 0.661224 
22.09.2009  Cargo burn burn burn  Master 0.701088 
29.08.2009  Cargo After a few completely retarded failed attempts i finally got him l0l  Tyro 0.701218 
15.08.2009  Cargo Fehlan attempts revenge  Fehlan 0.701203 
14.08.2009  Cargo Reyn vivi decides to attack us and dies!  Vivi 0.811154 
14.08.2009  Cargo vivi dies  Vivi 1.781146 
29.07.2009  Cargo Chainer gets speared in the face  Chainer 0.701084 
28.07.2009  Cargo The very unsneaky "master" takes a scroll in the face.  Vivi 1.971174 
21.07.2009  Vivi Cria gets pwn3d in the dunes.  Cria 1.321144 
09.07.2009  Cria Alter Aeon - Add a log -  Vivi 1.881118 
05.06.2009  Cargo Cargo kills Aeia  Aeia 0.661142 
27.05.2009  Cria Cria and a ghast kill Reyn  Reyn 1.221123 
20.05.2009  Cargo Drg stabs, then dies  Drg 0.701167 
15.05.2009  Cargo The hunted becomes the hunter  Cow 0.701106 
09.04.2009  Cargo Cargo kills Razivah  Razivah 0.701093 
09.04.2009  Cargo Cargo kills Reyn  Reyn 1.271097 
09.04.2009  Cargo Cargo kills Zhiun  Zhiun 0.701172 
09.04.2009  Cargo Cargo kills Kensei  Kensei 0.661086 
24.02.2009  Cargo Cargo killing Aeia  Aeia 0.701092 
13.02.2009  Pakufax Bser hiding in the 5th level of ruins  Bser 0.701096 
13.02.2009  Vivi Vivi kills Operan  Operan 0.701193 
13.02.2009  Vivi Vivi slays Kratos and Keiser  Keiser Kratos 2.721142 
13.02.2009  Ryuzaki Ryuzaki kills Zetan  Zetan 0.701079 
13.02.2009  Pakufax Pakufax kills an unsuspecting Axl  Axl 0.701108 
11.02.2009  Pakufax Pakufax Slaughters Malcolm+Healer  Malcolm 0.701148 
11.02.2009  Pakufax Pakufax slaughters Zin  Zin 0.661174 
17.01.2009  Shift Bolt the summoner  Bolt 0.701069 
12.01.2009  Cuchulain The Old Three Crystals  Reyn 1.341153 
09.01.2009  Reyn Blind mudder slaughters Pakufax  Pakufax 0.701084 
09.01.2009  Cuchulain Porto Porto  Cargo 0.701176 
09.01.2009  Tread Rune axe multikill  Boa Kensei Kazan Shinoto 8.401182 
08.01.2009  Bogus kill by Pakufax  0.001168 
08.01.2009  Ruin A very unlucky backstab  Porom 0.701111 
08.01.2009  Tarrant Enchant explode, round 2  Talon Zin Kallindos Keiser 10.321118 
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