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30.01.2016  pr  0.00243OWN
20.12.2013  Baker check if someone is xpin in a area if your going to bot and go afk  Alamane 1.30914 
27.10.2012  Baker thief hunt, another death for tacocat  Shagrat 0.631034 
04.03.2011  Baker kirn vs ocutoyucoto round 2(come on..dont relog in raidzone lol)  Moe 1.001169 
04.03.2011  Baker kirn vs ocutoyucoto  Moe 1.001014 
03.12.2010  Baker kirn(whelmer) vs bujin(occ)  Moe 1.001121 
10.06.2010  Baker mel vs strahd  Moe 1.001387 
08.06.2010  Baker mel vs xelteil 2  Moe 1.001390 
24.05.2010  Baker mel vs xelteil  Moe 1.001327 
02.05.2010  Baker mel pwns strega  Moe 1.001348 
22.02.2010  Baker just after reboot, troms raids, i defend with no shield for the hell of it  Moe 1.001450 
16.02.2010  Baker baker ozzma drognan defend castle against velmin yldannan  Moe 1.001323 
04.02.2010  Baker baker vs blackjack(dak was hanging around but didnt hit and bj claimed it wasnt even odds)  Moe 1.001344 
03.02.2010  Baker baker lothelisean eber vraurk vs selas winchester houndaer gold  Moe 1.001345 
30.01.2010  Baker baker catches arkezxa in a trap  Moe 1.001307 
30.01.2010  Baker buster learns that third time isnt always a charm  Morgor 10.941353 
30.01.2010  Baker buster comes back for more this time ozzma wanted to play  Moe 1.001357 
30.01.2010  Baker buster raids cl..kinda reminds me of mathayus  Morgor 13.421388 
20.01.2010  Morgor Mathayus got scared and cut link  Baker 7.521468 
20.01.2010  Morgor Ark gets a beating  Morgor 11.721336 
16.01.2010  Alamane bujin_vs_yldannan  Alamane 1.101311OWN
16.01.2010  Morgor Pyron eats it..again  Baker 9.281299 
16.01.2010  Morgor Jakka who?  Baker 11.471759OWN
16.01.2010  Morgor Shmaek din pothead!  Baker 14.211337 
16.01.2010  Morgor Laz and Regulus bites the dust  Baker 17.641404 
31.12.2009  Baker shmaek pulp lothelisean vs shadimar tarathiel gold  Moe 1.001248 
25.12.2009  Baker baker vs muggle  Moe 1.001274 
24.12.2009  Baker baker kills zane  Moe 1.001295 
23.12.2009  Baker baker grumnok lothelisean xelteil dak vs shadimar unkle gold derlan alcander  Moe 1.001299 
23.12.2009  Baker baker durgan lothelisean drognan tharios....get some!  Moe 1.001301 
23.12.2009  Baker lothelisean,durgan vs alcander(banished)  Moe 1.001366 
23.12.2009  Baker baker,durgan,lothelisean vs shadimar unkle yldannan alcander  Moe 1.001320 
07.12.2009  Baker baker,lothelisean vs derlan,aetius  Moe 1.001325 
07.12.2009  Baker baker,vraurk waste kalibarr  Moe 1.001340 
06.12.2009  Baker baker,lothelisean vs unkle shazgonk tarathiel  Moe 1.001282 
06.12.2009  Baker slaying in the abyss  Moe 1.001298 
06.12.2009  Baker baker,lothelisean take out unkle(trying to be sneaky)  Moe 1.001265 
29.11.2009  Baker baker,shmaek vs shazgonk derlan gold  Moe 1.001245 
26.11.2009  Baker durgan sends malindor to abyss and we get him at castle  Moe 1.001347 
23.11.2009  Baker cl raiding gnomes..poor muggle comes out by himself  Moe 1.001253 
23.11.2009  Baker baker vs muggle  Moe 1.001238 
21.11.2009  Baker baker vs lana round 2  Moe 1.001238 
21.11.2009  Baker baker vs lana round 1  Moe 1.001316 
15.11.2009  Baker baker,shazgonk trap gnilbin and get a kill on densux  Moe 1.001316 
13.11.2009  Baker two bders even more lol :)  Moe 1.001231 
13.11.2009  Baker templar bder lol as usual  Moe 1.001233 
12.11.2009  Baker baker,shazgonk trap negrodamus  Moe 1.001290 
07.11.2009  Baker trappin elves...very fun  Moe 1.001267 
13.10.2009  Baker baker vs drathir(shaman)  Moe 1.001245 
08.10.2009  Baker klok vs kate  Moe 1.001311 
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