Current MUD: Petria Number of logs: 32 Number of players: 39 Moderated by: Fercho Hammers Kenny Robincito
Mud Information
There are currently 17 of 39 players that have registered their races,
and 17 of 39 players that have registered their guilds.
Negative points for death (Killer): 5   Negative points for death (NON-Killer): 2.50   Points for kill on killer: 1   Points for kill on NON killer: 0.50
Petria is a MUD based in PK (player kill), every player has his own race and class, wich confers him a bunch of combat, magical, curative, etc. skills. It's a medieval-based world controled by clans whare players can be accepted to fight each other for each kingdom, gaining some experience durnig the process and adquiring new levels nd new skills. Hosted by
Reinos de Leyenda Originaly created by
Espen Solbu