Current MUD: Shattered Realms Number of logs: 258 Number of players: 219 Moderated by: Arkasi
Mud Information
NameShattered Realms
There are currently 104 of 219 players that have registered their races,
and 103 of 219 players that have registered their guilds.
Negative points for death (Killer): 5   Negative points for death (NON-Killer): 2.50   Points for kill on killer: 2   Points for kill on NON killer: 0.50
Shattered Realms was brought into existence in June of 1999 by founding members Xxx and Ravenhall. The mud is based upon FR-Mudlib III, and uses the MudOS driver. Shattered Realms was created with the idea that there could be a mud where the players work together to create an authentic role-playing experience. This would be a land where the mortals took player-problems into their own hands, banding together to hunt down the wicked and maniacal killers. This Realm would not be governed over by the Gods, but would grow through its own bloody birth-pains into a new state of existence. Yes, the Shattered Realms are dangerous. It is not an easy task to become powerful and famous in this difficult world. Yet, the danger and the tragedy bring the reality home that this is more than just a game. This is your life. Hosted by
Reinos de Leyenda Originaly created by
Espen Solbu