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NameAwakening of Azon'rah
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Negative points for death (Killer): 5   Negative points for death (NON-Killer): 2.50   Points for kill on killer: 1   Points for kill on NON killer: 0.50
Awakening of Azon'rah takes place in the post-apocalyptic world of Azon'rah, which after decades of desolation has had life return to it. Out of the darkness a city has risen, Elgoth. You start life in the Awakening of Azon'rah as a commoner,a simple worker who has bigger ideas for his/her future. Awakening of Azon'rah offers a 'remort' system which allows a commoner to specialise in an area of choise upon achieving a higher level. This fantasy-based MUD also offers many role-play and quest options for players, as well as the more sadistic hack'n'slash options. You can choose your path to greatness. Hosted by
Reinos de Leyenda Originaly created by
Espen Solbu