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21.02.2017  Siris Natural Selection  Hunter Kavinaugh Varth Yeoh 8.16325def
04.10.2016  Sturm Dwarf killed killing other Dwarves...justice by a Drow?!  Uther 0.70361def
01.10.2016  Nuggs Can't have people forgetting about me.  Sindred 2.13297def
09.09.2016  Troll hunt fails  0.00339def
21.05.2016  This seems fun. How far did you make it?  0.00582def
27.06.2015  Kyth Evil....  Illimar 2.42891def
07.10.2014  Seconded about cheating Imms  0.001045def
06.10.2014  Can we stop cheating with immorts to find players?  0.00983def
19.08.2014  Vyrae Scripters encountered  Aravan Myzr 2.721097OWN
24.07.2014  Anyone can add false shit in logs GG  0.001047def
24.07.2014  Wouldnt ever ask to join ppl who kill off fr and are the reasonings for fr dying good lie brian cambell  0.00992def
24.07.2014  Razzle Siris Aww, game over, man!  Maximinus 0.351124def
07.05.2014  dfgdf  0.001044OWN
10.03.2014  Solidus Setting patterns gets you killed  Jorah 0.701198def
12.02.2014  Gnav Scripter Wenz and his pet  Wenz 0.701182def
06.02.2014  Gnav Two xp-scripters busted at Crag  Flanker Vyrien 2.511022def
23.01.2014  Gnav Quelolmol Found a script-singing bard found inside a tower in Caldera thanks to a neutral gobber friend!  Twilight 1.721037def
22.01.2014  Gnav Milian You feel cursed as you enter the dark aura of Glember.  Glember 0.351041def
24.12.2013  Nuggs No More Mr. Niceguy  Jalandhara 5.411497def
04.12.2013  Solidus I am the MOST AWESOME ever!!!  Silhouette 2.271994def
12.11.2013  Nuggs baaaaaad leezard  Illimar 2.532648def
26.10.2013  Amaranda Chakra Flint Gandor Gnav Jalandhara Landor Leonidas Merichantzy Milian Mixmax Nazaxiuh Neanderthal Whiskers Solidus Megiltura [Shout]: awww poor baby keeps dying....poor thing  Solidus 0.743650def
11.10.2013  Fruba Razzle Hunter Hunting  Fony 0.353963def
26.09.2013  Rzen Lost Your Blade  Vyrien 0.663861def
26.09.2013  Siris Solidus Nasty elves slay loner Paladin  Ridire 0.353839def
22.09.2013  Quelolmol Phoney Nazaxiuh Faithless Elabena Dracon Catherine Amaranda Senras Whiskers Smells like con-loss  Siris Nuggs 1.284072def
21.09.2013  Mixmax Jalandhara Gnav Faithless Amaranda Varg Under achiever  Gax 0.503916def
18.09.2013  Nuggs Giant Shadows  Vyrien 0.704029def
14.09.2013  Razzle Rehab Solidus 3 vs 7...Rehab, Razzle, Solidus vs Nazaxiuh, Ilurenzia, Jalandhara, Constantine, Landor, Varg, and Retard...Logout or DIE!  Nazaxiuh Varg Ilurenzia 2.034297def
11.09.2013  Finkle Shadowboxing!  Silouette 0.664274def
09.09.2013  Nuggs Prison is Fun!  Ilph 0.704347def
06.09.2013  Milian You stumble and trip in the darkness and accidentally slaijs  Eradicator 0.704490def
30.08.2013  Veoran couldn't keep up with your pace.  0.005469def
27.08.2013  Nuggs Shame Djinni can't grant wishes.  Farac 2.334982def
26.08.2013  Solidus Who left this Basilisk here? OHHH  Retard 0.665383def
23.08.2013  Flint I'm waiting for Ton  Ainara 0.605059def
23.08.2013  Nuggs rascally thieves  Dirken 5.525354def
22.08.2013  TAGS on FR  0.004935def
22.08.2013  A nd this is why fr has almost no player base and no new players stick around tag killing at its finest  0.004969def
19.08.2013  Farac Bloodlust at Crag  Ainara 0.635094def
19.08.2013  Milian Oh pesky thiiifs  Ansatsusha 0.705035def
07.08.2013  TICK-TACK and then tick some even after you are dead!! Ghost of Razzle is here!   0.005407def
06.08.2013  Vlegar I do em solo!  Jaworski 0.705745def
06.08.2013  Leflion Solidus Its like seeing twins with the same could you not get confused?  Retard 0.355365def
03.08.2013  Vlegar I'm an ass  Risa 0.705276def
01.08.2013  Dugu the Brave  0.005519def
30.07.2013  Vlegar Pinefur asks you: why yah kill the ogre?   Ainara 0.664856def
23.07.2013  Murdertron Rehab Solidus Ton Time keeps on ticking ticking ticking...into the future....  Quelolmol 1.286132def
23.07.2013  Solidus Your challenge came back to bite you in your tick-timing ass....  Gnav 4.694593def
21.07.2013  Vlegar Liguria tells you: Bye Raisa, Funny  Liguria 2.184480def
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