Current MUD: Final Realms Number of logs: 5175 Number of players: 6012 Moderated by: Vlegar Gnav Jalandhara Artmas
Mud Information
NameFinal Realms
There are currently 5665 of 6012 players that have registered their races,
and 1078 of 6012 players that have registered their guilds.
Negative points for death (Killer): 5   Negative points for death (NON-Killer): 2.50   Points for kill on killer: 2   Points for kill on NON killer: 0.50
Final Realms is an AD&DŽ based mud trying to emphasize on roleplaying instead of the usual hack'n slash. Medium sized with a stable gang of players and immortals. Altho it's based on the AD&DŽ ruleset we have our own twist on it. With no clones/copies of the AD&DŽ areas / settings.

The most popular part of the mud is when we have OMIQ's, On-line Mini Interactive Quests. This is one-time quests we try to run once a week. It is run by the immortals as a DM would run a "RL roleplaying" game. Hosted by
Reinos de Leyenda Originaly created by
Espen Solbu