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30.08.2004  Losrandir Sadik vs Losrandir  Sadik 0.701473 
30.08.2004  Calth Rematch with Calth...[DAMN LADY LUCK!]  Losrandir 0.771389 
30.08.2004  Calth Duel with Calth  Losrandir 0.841314 
10.08.2004  Losrandir Zub tells you 'arena?'  Zub 0.701319 
05.08.2004  Amicus Golemer Tormega Vanion Haohmaru(Amit) claims he cannot be killed. Then again, he's a compulsive liar.  Amit 0.181331 
05.08.2004  Danimoth Gogeta Gogeta, Danimoth, and a Skeletal Warrior make mince-meat of Kikoho(Vanden almost dies first, though)  Kikoho 0.351350 
27.06.2004  "Ashin takes on Jedite( who gets back-up from Leio, Blanit, and... Sassy?! )" ...... or, "Why mud-wide restores should not affect people engaged in PK."  0.001442 
27.06.2004  Ashin Ashin vs Sesshoumaru ( last half of duel )  Toram 0.701305 
27.06.2004  Jorran Hendryl Ashin ( Old! ) Hendryl/Bahamut (RIP), Ashin, and Jorran gangbang Draith  Draith 0.231504 
27.06.2004  Tsernomor, Champion of Tak, escapes from Klael's trap in a no-exit isolated room(end of fight)  0.001517 
27.06.2004  Vello Vello hunts Wadas down and avoids getting ganged ( smokebomb is too slow to escape being hunted with, use flee )  Wadas 0.701339 
27.06.2004  Zefiris Zefiris vs Serge ( why does amnesia hit through anti-magic? )  Serge 0.701319 
27.06.2004  Vortimer Vortimer and Zefiris in Serdyn  Zefiris 2.631315 
26.06.2004  Shaq Shaq murders Zefiris at Gallows after Zef's slow start ( 67%, zefiris, not 40% )  Zefiris 2.791286 
26.06.2004  Zefiris Zefiris vs Tekk ( not really sure what Tekk was trying to do )  Tekk 0.701328 
26.06.2004  Shiva Cirindius takes down Zefiris - but not in the grandest of fashions ; )  Zefiris 2.821224 
26.06.2004  Zefiris Zefiris vs Saitoh ( or, why people who don't know how to use suffering should be murdered )  Saitoh 0.701317 
26.06.2004  Ashin Iggy vs Sesohin , Round Two: Ses Strikes Back  Iggy 3.051373 
26.06.2004  Iggy Iggy vs Sesohin , Round One: Painful Grudges  Ashin 4.231308 
26.06.2004  Vanion Klael vs Kazuya  Kazuya 0.701492 
26.06.2004  Viktor Viktor vs Kalinophe  Kalinophe 0.701268 
26.06.2004  Surma Zefiris Zefiris and Surma tag-team Vanion in the University  Vanion 2.581382 
26.06.2004  Vanion Silvanoth Ashin Massive Prize Arena War! (Klael, Ashin, Silvanoth) vs (Amadeus, Erkki, Nipoet, Picaro, Sigma, Zefiris) ......... who will get the prize jelly bean?!  Nipoet Amadeus Erkki Zefiris Sigma Picaro 8.401580 
26.06.2004  Tormega one of the slowest duels EVER ( Tormega vs Moidart )  Anharat 2.331293 
26.06.2004  Vanion Klael tackles Mantrin and escapes the pain of an incoming gangbang  Mantrin 0.701418 
26.06.2004  Anharat Golemer Tormega The Name of the Game is: ( trap Vello and gangbang him, apparently? : x ) .... or, ( why in God's name did Vello scourge? )  Vello 0.231369 
26.06.2004  Anharat Tormega A fused Moidart/Tormega in action against a poor lil' unspelled, atheist Gogeta.... ouch :-/  Gogeta 0.351389 
24.06.2004  Vanion tail end of Klael killing Anharat in the Void  Anharat 2.271387 
24.06.2004  Ashin Ashin versus Kargon and Rydrics ( HUGE comeback at the end, yay limit breakers and final strike! )  Rydrics 0.701369 
24.06.2004  Anharat Vanion Piotr and Anharat versus the World  Lukas 0.351487 
24.06.2004  Toram and Ashin chase off a large group of PKers at Gallow Hill  0.001415 
24.06.2004  Ashin Ashin vs Lagia  Lagia 0.701288 
24.06.2004  Vanion (Oldschool!!) great duel between Piotr and Ashin with some commentary from Piotr  Ashin 2.341349 
23.06.2004  Vanion Klael vs Viktor (why people should use thundershock to counter circles)  Viktor 0.701334 
23.06.2004  Ashin Ashin vs Solinari  Solinari 0.701643 
23.06.2004  Welcome to Deathlogs - By Espen Austad  0.001231 
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