Current MUD: Clandestine Number of logs: 36 Number of players: 46 Moderated by: Vanion
Mud Information
There are currently 8 of 46 players that have registered their races,
and 8 of 46 players that have registered their guilds.
Negative points for death (Killer): 5   Negative points for death (NON-Killer): 2.50   Points for kill on killer: 2   Points for kill on NON killer: 0.50
Step into the world of Clandestine, where variety, originality, complexity, and vastness only take backseats to fun. Choose from over 500 multi-class combinations, and 50 unique races. Watch your living relic weapons strengthen and grow, even as you do. Fuse with other players to create stronger characters. Or simply kick back and enjoy the assortment of mini-games Clandestine has to offer, such as freeze tag, a casino, an advanced quest system, trivia tournaments, a Duel of Swords league, arena wars, immortal run roleplaying quests, and realm-wide bloodbaths. Take up arms in a battle of Good versus Evil. Choose to follow one of twelve different religions, and fight on their side... or choose to stay an unaligned atheist. One warning, though; not all that is gold glitters. Things rarely are as they seem in the Realm of Clandestine. Hosted by
Reinos de Leyenda Originaly created by
Espen Solbu