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Title: Welcome to Deathlogs - By Espen AustadDate: 23.06.2004
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Welcome to this page. I hope you will find it useful.

Some rules:
1. This page is primarily for PK/Death logs, logged by the winner or loser of a log.
Acceptable logs are:
- Normal death logs with winners and losers, only to be used if a person actuall is killed.
- Alternative logs are acceptable IF:
   - They show a different view on a kill (ie logged by the loser)
   - They are particulary funny or interesting
Non acceptable logs:
- bug logs
- whining or other forms of politics
- any form of harrassment of characters or players
- Swearwords, adult material and similar
- Anything that wouldnt be considered legal on the mud
- Anything that wouldnt be considered legal in norway Hosted by
Reinos de Leyenda Originaly created by
Espen Solbu