FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Q Since the site has change the management team, is it possible to get a clean snapshot of the old site?
A Yes, you can find a clean (no password data) DB snapshot from the following link: Deathlogs Database
Q Do you have any banners or buttons i can use on my page?
A Yea, you can use either the text link:
or 88x32

or 108x36

or 470x60

or 468x58

Or for signatures (200x32):

(This makes me wonder why there aint a standardized banner format...)
Q How can i post a log with colors in it.
A Take a look at this page: colorfaq.php
Q What do i do if i see anything that offend me, or that i know will offend other people, like false logs, fake images, or other things that can be offensive ?
A If you see anything offensive, abusive, or things that not belong here. You need to do this as soon as possible:
Mail the administrator of the entry for the mud where the offensive/abusive etc material has been posted, and ask him to see to it. This is why there are administrators for the muds. If there is something more fundamentally wrong, mail me. My email address is located at the bottom of every page here.
Q What actions can be taken to stop harrasment / abusement of people on this page ?
A Administrators for the entry can edit logs, delete images etc etc.
If worst comes to worst they can also ban ip's of the offendor.
this all requires that the get told that someone is harrasing someone on the page
Q How can you make sure that the information on this page is correctly reflecting the information on the mud ?
A This page was never intended to be a perfect mirror of any mud, it was intended to be a place where players can post information they find fun in the mud they play on. But to answer the question, normally if some of the information on the page is wrong, someone will detect this, this can be players, admins on the mud, admins on the page, or even people that don't even play a mud. This person would then contact either the administrator of that mud's entry in this page, and make him aware of it. And it would get fixed.
This system works well for those mud-entries here that generates a lot of traffic ie The Final Realms entry, and the Reynos de Leyenda entry, since these entries are viewed by a lot of people each day, and also has many adminstrators to the mud-entry.
In case of the entries that are not so frequently updated it might take a bit longer before the error is noticed and corrected.
Often the players on a mud are pretty good at correcting information themselves.
I.e In case someone has posted a log where they have left out information, or "masked" out important information, for instance how much damage they do, the other player can still post an "alternative" log with the correct information. If this as well is brought to the attention of an administrator he can delete the faulty log and make the alternative official.
Q I am the adminsistrator of a mud that you have an entry of here. But i have no administrator rights here, and i cannot correct faulty information, what shall i do ?
A You can contact me at the email at the bottom of the screen and ask me to make you and administrator for the entry. You will then get rights to edit and delete logs. And also rights to administrate any other information regarding that muds entry.
NOTE Not only mud administrators may be administrators here. This site has NOTHING to do with the actual running of the mud. Most of the administrators are in fact players. So if you feel you can contribute, make sure you contact me, no matter if you are an administrator of the mud or not.
Q What do i do if i want to post a log where the name of one of the participants doesn't exist ?
A First Make sure that the name doesnt already exist, then scroll all the way to the bottom of the Add Log page, and you will notice a textfield and a button named "Add Player", type in the name and click the button. However, do this BEFORE you fill in the other fields for the log as all fields are cleared when you add a player.
Q What do i do if i forget my password ?
A If you forget your password, or if you have never logged in before, try using "dlogs" as password as this is the default password.
If this doesnt work either, notice the name of the moderators at the top, try contacting them om the mud, or click on their name, most of them should have a valid email address there, they can reset your password for you.
Q I play on a different MUD and i would like to post logs from that mud to this page, can i do that ?
A Yes you can, but first you have to contact me (Espen Austad) and ask me to create a profile for you mud, i will also need someone to administrate that mud (ie you). When this profile is finished you can just start posting.
Q I submitted the same log twice, or i chose a wrong name on a winner or loser, or i forgot to erase my HP's GP's or con or whatever, who do i talk to ?
A Select you favourite moderator from the top of the screen and contact him on the mud or by mail.
Q I just changed the race or guild of my player, why doesnt the Mud-Statistics reflect my points ?
A The Mud-Statistics page will not update untill someone posts a log, stay calm, your points will show up there eventually.
Q Why should i click the "vote" button ?
A You dont Have to click the vote button, all that does is that it informs a page called "The Top Mud Sites" that you enjoy my site. I try to get my page as far up on their list as possible. The reason for this is that i want other muds to post their logs here too.
Q Ok, you convinced me, i wanna vote for you. How do i do it ?
A Click the "VOTE" button at the bottom of the page. A new page will now open. In the middle of this page there is a button that says: "Vote for this site and Enter". Click this button, and now you have voted for the deathlog page.
Q I enter this page using the address "http://dlogs.mortencb.cx", someone told me that i shouldnt be using that address ? Should i update my bookmarks to something else ?
A Well.. I would prefer it if you updated your bookmarks to "http://dlogs.net" or "http://deathlogs.com" but the page shouldnt stop working even if you continue using dlogs.mortencb.cx, but i might remove that address in a while, but there will probably be a link to the new address anyways.
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