News for the Deathlog page
Date News
February 20 2012 The hosting and the management of had been hand over to Reinos de Leyenda mud.
March 15 2010 Minor login issues, should be fixed.. (i hope)
October 28 2008 The page has been moved to a new server. This has caused some of my bad code to malfunction. I will try to fix the problems as soon as they are reported.
The contact page has now been updated. So that you should now be able to contact me.
February 18 2004 RSS Feed added, look for this symbol:
November 31 2003 Search feature added to the images section
October 2003 The images page shows thumbnails
May 26 2003 You can now turn colors on and off when displaying a log with colors.
May 26 2003 Made a feature so that logs can get colored based on a standard set of colors for the mud.
(the idea and code examples came from Nemiss on FR, thanks alot)
You might have noticed that where it used to say "YES" for colors, it will now say "OWN" if the log is posted with your own colors, "def" if they are posted with the default colors for the mud, or "olddef" if they were posted with some default colors but, the default colorset has been changed.

For this to work, the administrators of each mud needs to log in, and check out the new item on their menu. Then go in and add words that should be colored.
May 22 2003 Added posibility to add "history" to your character.
Fixed a few bugs with linebreaks in the description.
April 11 2003 Rearranged some of the pages (made the select mud the "startpage". You now have to click news to see the news.
Added some links to the footer.
April 7 2003 I just spotted a new good mud resource:

April 1 2003 Added some additional stats to the player stats.
March 14 2003 Due to admins abusing my good faith, i have removed all admins that i do not know. I will from now on require that ANY admin gives me his email.

I will contact the people that asked me to create the entries, and request admins again. (this time with email)

Those of you that were admins before, send me a mail, with your username and password, and the mud you were admin at and ill recreate the admin.
March 7 2003 I am experimenting some with a new way to add logs (makes it a bit easier) However it might be bugged yet, also it does NOT work on NS. (if any of you are good at making JavaScript work on both NS/IE drop me a mail)
The old way of adding logs are of course still available.
January 10 2003 Message from James (hostmaster on the machine Dlogs is on):
New hard-drive is in, new network card is in. Hopefully the crashes won't come back.
December 21 2002 Message from James (hostmaster on the machine Dlogs is on):
The recent periods when dlogs has been offline have been due to hardware problems. It seems like the problem is a defective harddrive, and it will be exchanged when I get back to Bergen. Might not be before the 6th of January.
December 05 2002 This is just a small request for the zMUD users.
Zugg (the author of zMUD) is having problems with his sales of zMUD, and may therefore have to focus on his other products instead of zMUD.
I know for a fact that a lot of mudders use a cracked version of zMUD to play with.
I only ask of you this, think about it once, aint all the hours you spend mudding with zMUD worth the 25$ he ask for his program? And remember all upgrades are free.
November 11 2002 Testing a small tweak on highscore lists and on players,
For each player, the log they participated in winning, does not count when it comes to the highscore list. This has been done to eliminate "lucky tagalongs" from the highscore list.
This might not be a permanent solution.
August 27 2002 Got notification that the scoring system didnt divide points between the winners of a battle, so this has been changed now.
The current system will take the totalpoints for a battle and divide it on a winner/loser ratio (nrofwinners/nrofloosers) before distributing the points.
This means, many vs few kills will give less points than before, few vs many will give more points than before.
few vs few, and many vs many is same as before.
(Note few vs many is capped with 1/3 as the best possible ratio)
I will try out this system for a few days, let me know how it turns out...
August 26 2002 I have reopened the Reinos de Leyenda entry as a read only entry.
If new logs come up on that entry let me know so i can fix any errors.
Also those of you that know spanish let me know what logs are offensive so i can remove them.
August 26 2002 After a long and hard vaccation in sweden to visit our swedish mud friends,
(the entire period without internet), some of us felt the need to be able to stay updated on new logs even without internet.
So now i've built in WAP support for the page, so that you can se winners and losers of logs. (You cannot read the log itself though)
So without further rambling, point your cellphone to (you might need a trailing slash after net) and take a look.
Those of you that have no interest in this, or dont have a wap enabled phone, just disregard this.
August 19 2002 The Reinos Entry has been closed for awhile, I hope to open the entry for viewing again, but i need help to remove the logs that are offensive or otherwize shouldn't be there.
Bottom line is, the entry may or may not be open for viewing the logs in the future. If you have requests for certain logs, mail me, and i will try to work something out.
August 14 2002 Changed the way one looks at people on the page with all the battles listed below the character, and with points both for wins and losses, and in correct order, looks a little cleaner now, also it is actually possible to check that the point system is correct (wich was why i did this change in the first place)
August 14 2002 Fixed a bug in the scoring system, every time more than one person participated in a kill, the points were divided on one too many people. This fix makes it so that most people get a little bit more points.
This is the way it has always been when adding a post, but not when i update the highscore list, as you might have noticed before that points suddenly drop a little.
April. 30 2002 Fixed a bug in the colors that cause green lines to loose their last character. Hopefully this fix doesnt break anything else...
April. 02 2002 Did a major rewrite of the ANSI color system, to avoid the logs getting broken as they previously did.
(The main change is that the system now handles bold differently, and also is a bit more stable)
Hopefully the colorsystem will work better now.

Note, some of the older colorlogs might look a bit strange after this since i also display the logs a bit different.

Info on how to post with color: [colorfaq.php]
Feb. 18 2002 Had a major crash on the database that most of the stuff from this page is located in.
Attemted to do a repair, but that hung. Luckily all the logs got saved.
So here is the implications, i had to install a 30 day old backup of the players. This means a lot of the new players is missing, and that again leads to a lot of the logs missing a winner, loser and so on. What i want you to do is to mail me names that are missing, and what log they should have been in. (give me the l_id from the link of the log) and ill attemt to fix it.
Jan. 18 2002 Added support for logs with ANSI color, hopefully no bugs (but probably a bunch).
You can still post logs the regular way, and nothing should be different.
To post a log with colors, first read the FAQ/manual at this: [colorfaq.php] page.
Jan. 17 2002 I am attempting to add support for colors in logs. This is not finished yet, so do not post any logs with colors, but if you are interested take a look at this link and the other links there. I would appreciate any feedback on the faq, if there is any interest in this at all. If there are easier ways to edit the logs or similar.
Also if there should ever show up any strange numbers or codes in the testing screen, please let me know.
Again DO NOT post logs with colors yet, as they will not work.
Jan. 04 2002 Realm of the Magi entry has been closed due to inactivity and several cases of abuse of the entry.
Nov. 30 New magazine around:
Nov. 06 New rewrite of the point system, removed the 500 log limit.
Basically now all logs count, when you kill someone you get a certain amount of points + 1/5 of the targets points, the target looses 1/5 of his own points.
Everyone starts with 1 point.
More information will follow, It might not be stable for awhile, and maybe it will report wrong points every now and then, make sure to let me know.
Nov. 02 Added search engine to the page. Type in a name or parts of a name, or words from the title of
a log and click search, and you will get a list of players or logs corresponding to the search.
Oct. 30 Due to large amount of complaints of new scoring system ive given you a chance to decide system yourself.
look at the page on and decide
what system you like best, then hit the polls page and "vote" for the scoring system you think is best.
Oct. 30 Total rewrite of the scoring system
  • Only last 500 logs count towards points in highscore list
  • Points are divided by the group of killers. Ie 2 players kill 1 player that is worth 5 points, they will then get 2.5 point each. Also the dead guy will recieve less points for dying (normal points for dying divided by number of killers)
  • Most of the pages still include the total number of kills and deaths, and the playerlist also the total points for all logs but only the numbers in bold are the official numbers.

There might be problems with the scores being wrong in the beginning, there might be small bugs etc.
I hope you will notify me, so that i can fix any bugs
Reason for the changes:
I wanted the highscore list to reflect the current players of the mud, therefore making it so that only the newest 500 logs count. This should effectively get rid off all the players that have been removed, retired etc etc after a while, giving everyone else a chance.
I want to discourage newbiekilling, and i personally also dislike huge group kills, so therefore i changed the scoring system to reflect how many were in the party on the winning side.
Remeber this page is not a perfect duplicate of the mud you play on, so i prefer it if you mail me suggestions/complaints/bugs to me, or talk to me about them on Final Realms (i play Takilara most of the time)
Do not bother the administrators of the mud you play on with these as they can do nothing about things regarding this page. However you can mail the administrators of the mud's entry here on this page about it, and they will let me know.
Oct. 19 Mud with most logs now sit at top of the Select Mud list.
Oct. 05 2001 Added links to Uroboros and Reverends comiq strip about Final Realms.
Available from the top menu if you select Final Realms.
Sep. 13 2001 Minor change to the Mud Statistics page, you can now see the number of players in each race/guild.
Sep. 06 2001 There are a few new items added to the FAQ page, i would appreciate it if you could all read those.
Aug. 07 2001 Minor change to poll system, there will now be "local" and "global" polls, local polls
are only for the current mud, while global polls are for all muds.
July. 17 2001 Added a "Poll" system to the page, Look for the "polls" link at the top of this page.
If you have a question you want us to run a vote for, talk to me (farelid, takilara on FR)
or give me a mail.
July. 16 2001 Fixed all the color problems. (I think)
July. 13 2001 Slight problem with new colorscheeme, or rather that i have coded CSS wrong, Basically some of you gets brown text on black background. This shouldnt be so. New browserversions have ignored my mistake, so i have been thinking it was correct. Im fixing it, but i need to fix the mistake in many files, so it might be a few days before it is all fixed.
July. 12 2001 Trying to make my site a "Top Mud Site"
If you wanna help, vote for me here:
Vote for the Deathlogpage
July. 10 2001 Added simple Guestbook to the page
June. 14 2001 Added skillcalculator thingy for FR. (hope you wont get mad Nemiss)
(i never ripped yours)
June. 08 2001 Added Number of players to the mud statistics (show how many players in each race/guild)
June. 07 2001 Fixed several bugs regaridng admins
June. 07 2001 Added Reinos de Leyenda to the list of muds
June. 05 2001 Page fully functional again after some problems with database, Thanks to James for taking the time to help me fix it.
May. 19 2001 Minor change in Mud Statistics, now sums the "points" of races and guilds.
May. 14 2001 Change in scoring system, death on NON killer should only give -2.5 points now while death on killer gives -5 , (numbers from Final Realms)
May. 11 2001 Changed Player list a bit, now you can click on a race or guild and only show players with that guild or race
May. 11 2001 Improved Mud Statistics (LOTS faster), added Race info, please go register race and guild.
May. 09 2001 You can now see certain information about the mud you play on
ie. you can see what guild has killed most people, or what guild has died
the most. This require you to fill in your guild information though.
Feb. 08 2001 You can now see the playerlist ordered by different orders, click the column heading to sort.
Feb. 08 2001 New page, Images, Only for mud related images. Note Only JPEG images will work
Feb. 06 2001 Fixed trouble with pictures in Netscape, now most pictures should show, also in Netscape
Feb. 03 2001 Added Link Page, NOTE! I only want links that have something to do with the current mud!!
Feb. 03 2001 Race and Guild now from database, you will need to select guild/race again if it doesnt show in the playerlist.
Feb. 03 2001 Added Newspage. Hosted by
Reinos de Leyenda Originaly created by
Espen Solbu